Report on the Financial Viability of Faecal Sludge End-use in Dakar, Kampala and Accra

July 2014

FaME (Faecal sludge Management Enterprises) is a research project financed by SPLASH (a water and sanitation research programme funded by the European Union), which aims to develop reuse of faecal sludge in order to enhance the business attractiveness of faecal sludge management. This report gathers findings from studies conducted in Dakar, Kampala and Accra to examine the technical feasibility of producing dried FS with high calorific value and to evaluate demand from end-users for alternative sources of energy. Trémolet Consulting contributed to the design of the financial model to assess how much value could be extracted from reselling dried treated FS for industrial use and as an alternative to fertilisers. 

Authors Editors: 
Magdalena Bäuerl, Martin Edthofer, Marie-Alix Prat, Sophie Trémolet and Manfred Watzal
Client Publisher: 
hydrophil iC GmbH/Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
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